The Development of Jazz in South Africa

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This contact came when Orpheus McAdoo’s Virginia Jubilee Singers. Orpheus McAdoo, a graduate of Hampton Institute, now known as Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia joined five members of the original Fisk Jubilee Singers, an African American a capella group from Fisk University and began to tour places such as Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. When he returned to the U.S., he added four members to the minstrel troupe and in 1890 they found themselves in Cape Town, South Africa. Their tour in Cape Town was extremely successful and they forever left an impact on South African culture in the form of a Carnival that takes place each year. Kaapse Klopse, formerly known as the Coon Carnival takes place on January 2nd each year. Minstrel troupes gather in District 6 and take part in a parade and various competions. Various genres of music are represented in the Kaapse Klopse but one genre has been apart of the festivsal since its early beginnings, South African Jazz. As the jazz tradition was developing in the United States through the cross fertilization of African and African American culture, this jazz music would eventually reach all the way to South Africa. During the late18th Century in New Orleans (then controlled by Spain), every Sunday, slaves would gather at the Place des Negres, or Congo Square. In Congo Square, slaves were allowed to bring musical instruments and…

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