The Development of War Poetry Throughout Ww1

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The development of war poetry throughout WW1 was influenced by many different incidents. Many of the soldiers developed friendships with each other based on the amount of time they spent together in the trenches. One of the reasons soldiers developed such strong comradeships that lasted even after the war, was due to the amount of horror and bloodshed they had witnessed together, furthermore the shared experience of suffering and hardship led to strong companionship and their experiences affected what they wrote about in their poems. Many of the men wrote poetry as a mean of expressing their despair as their situation and possible fate. In order to express my view over this I will be comparing and contrasting three different poems by…show more content…
Sassoon also uses Repetition for the line ‘does it matter?’ and he follows it with ellipses to add the effect of silence and let the reader about it. ‘Does it matter? —losing your sight?..’ All a poet can do today is warn which is why true poets must always be truthful; Sassoon told everyone that the war is not what they think it is. All three poems have different meanings and all had a different view over war but one thing they share is they all know how brutal war is and what effects it has on the soldiers. At the start of the war everyone was eager and enthusiastic but when the war actually started no one gave the soldiers the credit, there is the patriotic poem by Brooke which keeps repeating England and how it is great to give up your life for England as “she” has given you health and prosperity. However the more somber poem by Owen, which shows us the real truth about the war as he personally, fought in the trenches with his friends and he had seen them die. He would have the horrific true perspective of the war. The Language he uses is so powerful and is also philosophical and full of wonder like futility, Siegfried Sassoon’s poem is also a very honest poem, he tells the truth but he justifies that they are fighting for their country and

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