The Development of a Child's Brain Essay

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I often look at newborns in amusement and wonder what were are thinking about. Never did I stop for a moment to think about the complex wiring of the brain. It is known that the complete development of the brain is necessary for the normal physical and mental processes of a person but I wrongly assumed that such development is completed before birth. It is interesting to know that Dr. Harry Chugani, a pediatric neurobiologist at Wayne State University amazing has provided a glimpse inside an infant’s head. We are able to see activities such retinal neuron making connection to visual cortex and the release of neurotransmitter brain chemical as the neuron from the ear carry electrical sound and connect to another neuron in the baby’s…show more content…
There are billions and trillions of neuron and synapses at work but still personality is not set. Shaping us are genetic and experience and the saying use it or lose it is more concrete than we think because the same way memory can fade which is call pruning so can synapses if they are not used. Craig Ramey from the University of Alabama discovered that a person has to be stimulated with relevant stimulation. Surprisingly activities that preserve synapses are as simple as playing blocks, bead and peek-a-boo. Activities within the head are like unseen milestones. They happen in stages and in different parts of the brain. Among other milestones is the peaking of visual cortex at about three months and at nine month the hippocampus which is responsible for memories become fully functional. The completion of these internal milestones helps to prepare the child for the environment. At t his point the child becomes like a sponge ready to absorb everything it comes into contact with. Patricia Kuhl of the University of Washington studies the auditory maps and finds that the auditory starts out waiting ready to pick up anything it is exposed to but reaches completion at twelve months. This explains why it is easy for children to pick up a new language. Even though the brain is quick to take on new jobs, it is very organized as found out by Patricia Kuhl. Each neuron knows its job and do not intervene
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