The Development of the Automobile and How it has Influenced Daily Life

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How has it affected our daily lives? How has it evolved through the last century? Who invented it? The automobile has changed our daily lives in a number of different ways. It has evolved from a product for the rich into something that most people can afford. It has so many purposes, transporting goods, being used for travel and even being used for the army. The invention of the automobile has transformed both personal and commercial means of transportation worldwide. Henry Ford, an inventor of the automobile, has had many days in his childhood shape his life and help him in the invention of his Automobile and the start of the Ford Motor Company. One important event that happened with Ford and his mom was when Mrs. Ford encouraged him to do arduous tasks. “She taught me that disagreeable jobs call for courage and patience, and self-discipline, and she also taught me that ‘I don’t want to’ gets a fellow nowhere…. My mother used to say, when I grumbled about it, ‘Life will give you many unpleasant tasks to do; your duty will be hard and disagreeable and painful to you at times, but you must do it. You may have pity on others, but you must not pity yourself. Do what you find to do, and what you know you must do, and what you know you must do, to the best of your ability’” (Burgan 8). There were three other events that shaped Ford’s life when he was younger. The first event was on his thirteenth birthday when he received a watch. He was intrigued by the fact that the watch
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