The Development of the Facilities Management Role

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Formerly, project designing or types of organisation are not complicated and huge scale same as today. Normally, design process is just the capitalist hire architect and engineer to talk with them and the capitalist tell them what they need. Then, there are architect and engineer role to set a plan or strategy. After the plan was designed, architect and engineer would present to the capitalist and had some discussion. Finally, when the capitalist accept with plans and they got conclusion, the project would start. Nowadays, many organisations are more complicate, type of building and space using are more complex, the competition in world market are higher and many technology emerge in the present . Those are too much for architect and…show more content…
Major knowledge in facilities management covers “science, engineering, the humanities and social science, Architecture, engineering, construction, technology, management, law and economics.” (Atkin&Brooks 2005, p188) Focus on facilities managers’ skill, the facilities manager should have multi-skill that useful to manage overall organisation. Major skill in facilities management covers “-Real estate management-building performance, environmental services and work place desin. -Financial management – accounting, finance, purchasing and supply, and legal aspects. -organisational management – organisational structure, behaviour, processes and systems. -innovation and change management –technology, ICT and information management. -Human resources management – motivation, leadership, employment law ,health and safty.” (Atkin&Brooks 2005, p189) Facilities management operate and relate to many part of organisation, there are many function that facilities manager must be involve for example, site selection, master space planning, furniture installation, programming requirement, budget control, scheduling, project management, construction management, maintenance management, So it is necessary to establish facilities management as a centre of the operation of organisation between organisational efficiency and the environment. The potential future direction of the profession Formerly, people and many organisations know facilities
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