The Development of the Mortuary Complex by Anthropologist Dr. Zahir Haivass

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Can we use burial sites and rituals to determine things about our ancestors like social status, rank, gender, and even go so far as to state facts about their dietary patterns? If we are able to identify these things by the analysis of burial practices, do we still practice these certain behaviors in the present and will they grow in elaboration as time progresses? I believe the practice of burial and rituals associated with them will grow in scale as time passes on. There are questions of all types and we all rely on the well-known study referred to as mortuary analysis which is not all about the bones but how the bones are buried. Mortuary Analysis is the study of burial practices by anthropologist who analyze the burial rituals and are able to determine the answers to the questions some of us might have sooner or later. Through this study major conclusions have been made about our past from a hundred years ago to even thousands of years ago. The evidence provided in this paper lead me to my conclusion on future burial rituals . They are also able in some cases able to find the cause of death by referencing to writings from that period and comparing them to their findings. As time progresses, so do the techniques related to this thorough study and each anthropologist is not only known for what they do but how they do it. Anthropologist Dr. Zahir Haivass is an anthropologist in Egypt who wrote a book title “The Development of the Mortuary Complex” which

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