The Development of the Science of ‘Race’ Essay

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The purpose of this chapter is to discuss the implications of the thematic analysis of the subject field. It connects the themes of the interviews with the literature on racial stereotypes and it’s impact on individuals and the sport they participate in.

The development of the science of ‘race’ is regarded within the main literatures to have emerged during the late eighteenth and nineteenth century (Gouldburg, 1990). People where trying to explain human differences and development, which gave way for a verity of racial classifications and racial stereotypes (Gouldburg, 1990), Gouldburg (1990: 266) states ‘this transformed into a pseudo- biological property of communal life’, as race became linked with traits and reflections of identity (Miles, 1982; Gouldburg, 1990; Back and Solomos, 2009). This form of racial stereotyping still exists today, as institutions such as sport legitimate these ideas and reproduce an environment to which they are seen as rational explanatory notions (Carrington, 2010), for example the consistent over representation of ‘black’ men in the 100m Olympic final and international sportsmen such as Billy and Mako Vunipola (rugby players), Andy and Owen Farrell (rugby players), the Tuilagi brothers (rugby players) and Joe and Kobe Bryant (basketball players) have all provided ‘evidence’ of hereditary and racial traits, due to their perceived ‘natural’ ability to play sport.
Sport in society is seen to have both a positive and negative impact on society…