The Developmental Growth Of A Group Of Individuals

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The UP series is a documentary that focuses on the developmental growth of a group of individuals. The interviews took place at the early age of 7 and continued every 7 years until the individuals within the group turned 56 years old. The series looks at developmental issues and personality changes that emerge through the various life stages. It also touches on the role our personality plays in terms of individual development. The series starts of with fourteen British children in the early 1960 's representing England 's class system. I believe the series was trying to show how social class and upbringing can predetermine the future. The narrator introduces the children in a category that depicts their social status. First, he informs us about their school exposing us to their social class. This gives viewers an idea of where the child stands at the macro level. The narrator gives us an understanding of the social class and creates the perception in the viewer 's mind as to where the child may end up in the future. Over the course of the series, the interviewer starts to choose questions with repeated themes such as: happiness, success, failure, religion, family, class and their overall biological, social, and psychological state. He delves across systems and questions the system transaction across each other.
Family plays a vital role in many of the childrens’ lives. They value their family and emphasize the importance of it from childhood through…
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