The Developmental History Of Nosql And The Fundamental Aspects Of Its Functionality

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Abstract The demands on database technology have been ever expanding since its introduction in the 1960’s. Today traffic on the internet requires that millions upon millions of records be stored and queried each second. Data must be highly available and quickly retrievable. These requirements put together have given rise to new forms of database technologies collectively called “NoSQL” or “Not Only SQL”. NoSQL eschews the strict guidelines that govern the creation and function of traditional relational databases. These guidelines are put aside in order to rise to the new demands of an increasingly interconnected world. The rigorous standards and data definitions of relational databases give way in order to provide the ability to rapidly…show more content…
NoSQL is able to address the massive traffic loads experienced by database servers at corporations that specialize in data processing like Google, Facebook and Amazon. NoSQL technologies can provide near constant availability, massive user concurrency and lightning fast responses. There are four primary NoSQL database implementation types being used today: document based, wide column (or columnar), key-value and graph. The different properties of SQL and NoSQL databases will be examined and an overview of each NoSQL implementation type along with an example will be given. ACID v. BASE: Eventual consistency Standard SQL databases adhere to what are commonly called the “ACID” properties. This means that the database must be atomic, consistent, isolated and durable. Atomic means that each attribute cannot be broken into sub groups. Consistent means that the database displays only the latest data; there are no older versions of data present within the database unless by design. Isolated means that no transactions will interfere with one another; i.e. two concurrent users changing the same data in the database will not end with incorrect results; the transactions will be processed separately. Durable means that once changes have been made they will remain in place and not revert to their prior state (Pritchett, 2008). The ACID properties can be crucial to certain business models; financial transactions might require

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