The Developmental Stages Of Psychological Development

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From birth and all the way until adulthood, all humans go through a long path of development. Physical growth occurs along this path, but along with it, the most important and fundamental component of every human being also happens, this is known as psychological development. In reality, there are different evolutionary stages of psychological development by which all individuals must go through and complete in order to become self-sufficient, each with its special characteristics. The cognitive development of children has a lot involved with the different developmental stages from which intelligence is developed. Children 's cognitive development has intimate relationships with emotional or affective development and social development…show more content…
Such impairment is clinically manifested by a decrease in the cognitive abilities and motor skills of the patient. Although, HIV invades the nervous system very early, the manifestations appear late in the development of the individual, and it is usually associated with severe immunosuppression (Shors, 2011). Furthermore, HIV infection in women of reproductive age has an enormous impact on the pediatric group because of perinatal transmission being the main mode of transmission of HIV in 90% of cases reported in children worldwide. Currently, the use of antiretroviral in the perinatal period and performance of elective caesarean section had reduced to less than 1% the likelihood of a child being born infected. Another consideration relates to the fact that although the preventive therapy has achieved to minimize the likelihood of HIV infection in newborns, these children would continue to be exposed to maternal illness and other social implications, which are positively correlated to cognitive development (Dobrova-Krol, et al). It is true that being a child of an HIV- infected mother involves the risk of acquiring infection, but not all children born to infected women acquire the virus (Dobrova-Krol, et al). HIV infected children who show symptoms of the disease, such as; repetitive infectious, and various developmental abnormalities, these children normally initiate the symptoms with psychomotor retardation, coupled with delayed body growth. The neurological
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