The Developments Of Jean Piaget's Cognitive And Social Development

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Cognitive and social development, as maturation progresses, is momentously crucial in the first few years of a child’s life. It is a broad spectrum of aspects and ideas on how children mature cognitively. This process occurs in stages and each subsequent stage plays a vital part on the later stages. In fact, the theorists believed that this development is an active process which can be moulded in accordance with the quality of care and nurturing that the child experienced in these critical years of their life. Furthermore, a child’s cognitive development is greatly influenced by biological and environmental factors such as maturation, learning opportunities, play, as well as family and society.
The significance of human development from birth to adulthood manifests greatly on the concept of knowing the factors that affect their cognitive and social development. These sets of data determine the foundation of one’s behaviour and personality which sets them out to become a productive member of the society. If too controlled or criticised, it can affect the child’s creativity, self-esteem and ability to make appropriate decisions that can be life-altering. Thus, striking a healthy balance between encouragement and discipline from the carer is essential.
Jean Piaget, one of the well-established name in psychology, conceived that children actively gain knowledge through manipulation and interaction with objects around them. Piaget founded four developmental stages in children’s
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