The Devil And Miss Prym And The Movie Seven Pounds

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The idea of creation is perfection, it is good. The manifestation of creation in the physical realm is flawed, it is evil. The novel The Devil and Miss Prym and the movie Seven Pounds share a common tale of tragedy, human suffering, and a quest to discover the true nature of humankind. Both ultimately decide upon whether their subjects are deemed “worthy” of a life-changing gift. These two tales ideally demonstrate the reality of human nature. A side of humanity which is rotten, despicable, and suppressed, but ever so present, and a side that is honest, loving, pure, praised, and always refuted. As G.F.W Hegel said, “There is One reality, but two layers to that reality.” Which may be about the good and evil we all hold within. The evil,…show more content…
She asks, “why me, and why my village?” He responds, “It has nothing to do with you or with your village. I’m simply thinking of myself; the story of one man is the story of all men. I need to know if we are good or evil.” (Coehlo, pg. 17). The man is on a journey to answer the question that has haunted him since the murder of his family. Was it just bad luck on him and his family’s part? Maybe an uncomical trick on him for God’s personal entertainment. Or is it that mankind is inherently evil? The stranger explains to Miss Prym: “Let’s say I’m a man who, for some time now, has been searching for a particular truth,” and, “I am a man who went beyond all the usual limits in his search for both pleasure and knowledge.” (Coehlo, pg. 15-16).
On the contrary, there is Ben Thomas, the protagonist of the movie Seven Pounds. Interestingly, in the opening he says, “In a good sales pitch, you tell them what you’re going to tell them, tell them, then, tell them what you told them.” (Muccino, Seven Pounds). Ben was traveling with his newly-wed wife in their car when he glances at his phone. Suddenly, he head-on collides with a Van carrying six passengers, all of which died except for himself. He believes the blood of their deaths are on his hands, and sets out to redeem himself in the most valuable ways he sees possible. His quest is to find seven people who are decent, well rounded, deserving individuals of valuable blessings. In the beginning of the movie, he visits a

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