The Devil In The White City Character Analysis

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Throughout history, pride and determination have motivated people to do amazing things. In The Devil in the White City, Erik Larson proves that pride and determination aided the creation of The World’s Columbian Exposition.
The Devil in the White City is a novel that covers the creation and construction of the 1893 World’s Columbian Expo. The novel contains two plot lines. The first plotline follows Daniel Burnham. Near the beginning of the book, Burnham is left alone to work on the project after the death of his partner, John Root. Through the rest of the novel, Burnham faces many obstacles that threaten the creation of the World’s Columbian Expo. Despite the challenges that he faced, Burnham persists, and the World's Columbian Expo opened in 1893. After the fair began, Burnham faced many new challenges, such as turning a profit in a suffering economy. Despite all the obstacles that Burnham faces, Burnham created a successful fair that pays off its debts and turns a profit.
The second plot line within Devil in the White City follows H.H. Holmes. Holmes buys a pharmacy within Chicago and constructs a building that aids him in killing people and disposing of their bodies. The first floor of Holme's building acts as a front, a pharmacy, while the top two floors act as apartments for rent. These apartments have secret passages, hallways, and chutes that lead to the basement, making disposing of dead bodies convenient for Holmes. After Jackson park is announced as the site of
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