The Devil Of The White City By Erik Larson

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Every aspect that makes up human life molds and creates you into the person you are today. As time goes on, every experience comes together to create a person’s personality. In the novel “The Devil in The White City” by Erik Larson he develops a character full of evil motives and shows how he slowly develops into the murderous monster he becomes. Although this character in real life argued that he was born with the intent to kill, Larson’s way of writing seems to disagree. Through early signs at a young age, torturous murder tactics, and total control over decisions Larson comes to the conclusion that although Holmes believes he’s been born into this life, it’s his actions and experiences that have conformed him. Beginning at a young age Hermet Mudgett, who later changes his name to H. H. Holmes, was intrigued by the life style present in the city of Chicago. He believed Chicago was “a city that allowed a broader range of behavior than as tolerated in the town in which he was born” according to Larson. However looking into his even younger years it can be seen that Holmes was a child full of fears rather than someone to be feared. As a child he was afraid of doctor’s although some childhood friends forced the fear out of him, leaving a curiosity that followed throughout the rest of his life. This traumatic experience as a child being forced to look eye to eye with a skeleton lead him to being intrigued rather than distraught. Holmes described this experience in the…
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