The Devil Visited Salem Witch Trials

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The devil visited Salem in 1692, or did he? Nicholas Hytner’s The Crucible depicts the 1692 witchcraft epidemic in Salem, Massachusetts. The film was adapted from a play written by Arthur Miller in 1953. The film’s producers, Robert A. Miller and David V. Picker, released the film along with Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation in 1996. The film focuses on one female resident of Salem and her revenge against her ex-lover. The revengeful girl and her group of friends begin to accuse other members of Salem when the group of girls are caught in a ceremonial dance in the woods and one girl becomes very ill. The film depicts various themes, but cause and effects in history and gender and history are two themes that challenge why the Salem Witch Trials took place. Did the devil visit Salem or did one manipulative act lead to a deadly conclusion? The film opens with a scene of a group of young girls and a Caribbean slave in the woods at night. The girls are participating in a ceremonial dance around a boiling pot. This opening scene suggests that the girls really are witches and participate in dark magic rituals. Although, through the remainder of the film, the girls do not demonstrate any other witchcraft practices. One of the girls becomes sick and when she is visited by a doctor and a minister they suggest that she is sick because of the devil. To draw suspicion away from them, the group of girls begin to accuse other residents of Salem of being witches. The girls are
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