The Devil Wears Prada Essay

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• The majority of The Devil wears Prada takes place at Runway magazine, in The Twin Towers, Bubby Hudson Street, Tribeca, New York City, America
• There are scenes set outside the Runway office, in the streets of New York City and in Central Park
• There are a few scene’s in the movie that are set in an apartment building in New York City where Andy and Nate live
• Towards the end part of the movie the setting is on the streets in Paris, France as well as in apartments, and restaurants in Paris.

Central Plot:
The Devil wears Prada is about a fresh-faced, honest young girl called Andrea (Andy) Sachs, who has just graduated from university, and who dreams of becoming a journalist. She accepts a job with a well-known fashion magazine, as an assistant to make ends meet and get some experience, (“a job that a million girls would kill for”) under a tyrant of an editor called Miranda Priestly.
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Miranda is a stylish, superior, self-centred, vindictive, bully who treats her staff with no respect and constant threats.
Andrea who has had no real interest in fashion up to this point, becomes sucked into the lifestyle. With help from Nigel on how to dress and unkind hints and comments to Andy on her behaviour and attitude from Emily, she changes from a dowdy, ‘overweight,’ polite girl, to a fashionable, sophisticated, assistant, who actually surpasses Emily in capability.
She realises during the Paris Fashion week that she has become a person she does not know or like, in a business she had not ever wanted to be in previously. She has lost her boyfriend, her best friend and when Miranda tells her that she reminds her of herself when she was younger, so in conclusion, she decides to get out before it is too late and go back to what she wanted to do in the beginning –
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