The Devil 's Highway By Luis Alberto Urrea

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The book, “The Devil’s Highway,” by Luis Alberto Urrea tells of the story of a group of men who tried to get to the United States using this long and dangerous pathway. While this book was written in 2005, some of the problems mentioned in the book still go on today, as do their reasons for taking part in this dangerous journey. This book opens up people’s eyes to what people will do for even just a little glimpse of something better, something that they can be happy with. Urrea’s telling of these men’s story relates to many things and teaches us how things are in places a lot of people in America don’t pay attention to. First and foremost, there are so many reasons the people of Mexico and Central America choose to go on this journey. The most important reason is that they do it for a better life. The men go on this journey to get into the United States to get a better job so that their families can have a better life. They risk their lives just so that the families they left behind at home can have something way better than they ever have before. The men that walked through Devil’s Highway chose to do so because back in Mexico, they had something worth doing whatever they could for. They had wives, kids, girlfriends, mothers, fathers, etc. In simple terms, all the men who ever went on this journey did it because they had people who depended on them for whatever they could so the family could survive. People in these places either couldn 't find jobs or they were paid

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