Essay on The Devils Highway

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Jose Valdivia

The Devils Highway

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Have you ever wonder why they built borders? Or who built them? Or who prevents and controls illegals from crossing, and what they do to accomplish them from crossing? In the book, The Devils Highway, by Luis Alberto Urrea defines the effects the desert has to offer for the immigrant’s entrance. The Devils High Way is a measureless desert past Mexico and Sonora, which is one of the most isolated and driest deserts in the U.S. This is a desert which few
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“If it was the Border Patrol’s job to Valdivia 2 apprehend lawbreakers, it was equally their duty to save the lost and the dying” (Urrea 18). The Border Patrol is the antagonist for the immigrants because when they get caught they send them back to where they came from. “Now they had a choice. Cross the road and stagger along the front range of the mountains, or stay on the road and hope the border patrol would find them” (Urrea 14). Throughout the story some Mexicans were wishing to get caught by the border patrol yes their enemy. Vigilante groups are also trying to control illegals entering the United States. Vigilantes don’t really care if the walkers make it to their destination safely or if they die along their journey through the desert. “Toxic materials appear in jugs that look like drinking water. Humane Borders water stations vandalized the three-hundred gallon tanks broken open so they run dry, Small groups of Mexicans are found tied and shot in the head” (Urrea 214) which is saying that interpreters in Arizona are very honest. These are just some examples of what and who tries to prevent immigrants from crossing over. Some do successfully cross over. Many Mexicans come for the search of a better life for their kids and family whether its to send them to school or supplies and uniform. Whatever the

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