The Devil's Seat By Peter Scott Harmyk

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Do benevolent spirits sometimes appear to guide and protect earthly loved ones? Do angry entities, wrongly deprived of life, and trapped between astral planes, sometimes return to torment the living? Dare to know the unknowable in this chilling story of a troubled airline, an air-crash investigation and an aviation family torn apart by tragedy. For pilots, flight attendants, and the flying public world-wide, the very notion of a commercial jet being damaged on purpose seems inconceivable. However, after a highly-suspicious crash-landing of an aging 737-400 occurs, ghostly messages from beyond-the-grave begin to reveal a ruthless and sinister conspiracy where men only concerned about profits and the corporate bottom line will do anything to protect their assets, even at the expense of innocent passengers and flight-crews.

This shocking tale recounts the experiences of Jillian Stevens-Stern, a senior flight attendant for the struggling
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When mortals desperately confront the restless-dead occupying The Devil’s Seat, a mother, a husband and a daughter must overcome the wrath of a furious entity, blinded by rage and oblivion, obsessed with exposing an ominous truth. A climatic showdown with the rogue jetliner and the ghost-on- board carries Jillian, a spiritual nonbeliever, to the brink of eternity, or possibly, enlightenment. As the synergies of man and his machines, reality and dreams, forlorn love and a hunger for revenge, finally merge at an icy and airless altitude, Jillian discovers that faith in family, love and loyalty can overcome even the most powerful
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