The Devistation Of Abraham Lincoln's Assassination

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So you want to know about Lincoln’s assassination. Lincoln was assassinated by a man named John Wilkes Booth.He was killed at a play he was attending with his wife. The theater was Ford’s theater. The assassination was justified because Lincoln was unpopular among people, he wasn’t liked because he did not act like previous presidents did and also because he abolished slavery.The assassination was not justified because a lot of people liked Lincoln so they wouldn’t have reason to want him dead. Abraham Lincoln was unpopular between people. He was unpopular between people because they didn’t like the way he ran things in office. They didn’t like that he abolished slavery.Also how he didn’t run like previous presidents. They wanted him to run the nation like previous presidents because they liked the way the other presidents ran in office. They didn’t like that Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery, because they didn’t want slaves to be free. They wanted slaves to serve under them and make profit off of them. They also didn’t black people so that’’s another reason they didn’t want slavery to be abolished. One of the reasons they didn’t want slavery abolished was because they made profit off of slaves. Without slaves they didn’t make as much money. Abraham Lincoln did not run the office like other presidents did when they were in office. The way the other presidents ran in office Lincoln did it different. Like how Lincoln abolished slavery none of the other presidents before
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