The Diabetes Epidemic

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Diabetes ranks in as the seventh leading cause of death in the United States (FastStats, 2013).This disorder is known to be common, disabling and deadly. There are multiple types of diabetes including: type I, type II, and gestational diabetes (Diabetes, 2011).Diabetes is a lifelong disorder that has no known cure but with proper care can be kept under control for the affected person’s entire life. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder (NDIC).When a person is diagnosed with diabetes it means their body cannot use or store glucose properly because of a lack of insulin, an inability to use insulin, or both (Diabetes, 2011). Glucose, or sugar, is the main source of fuel for the body and is present every time food is digested. When glucose is…show more content…
Type II is usually common in older adults, people with obesity and is known to run in families (Diabetes, 2011).The symptoms are similar to type I but can develop overtime. Also, some people may never even experience a symptom (NDIC). Unlike type I, type II diabetes can be prevented by healthy eating habits and exercise. It may be managed with the same techniques of preventing it, however; some medication may be needed as well, such as insulin (Diabetes, 2011). The third main type of diabetes is gestational. This is the onset of diabetes when a woman is pregnant, which affects 3-8% of pregnant women. This type of diabetes often disappears after the woman gives birth; though woman who do develop gestational diabetes have a 40-60% chance of developing type II diabetes within 10 years (NDIC). Gestational diabetes can cause many issues for both mother and baby during pregnancy (Management). An increased risk of preeclampsia and cesarean delivery are often side effects of gestational diabetes for the mother; while in the baby macrosomia, birth trauma and hypoglycemia can occur (Management). Also, there have been many studies on the link between gestation diabetes and perinatal mortality, however; the results have been inconsistent. The treatment for gestational diabetes is a healthy diet and monitoring blood sugars and in some
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