The Diagnosis Of African Americans

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The Diagnostic Statistical Manual is used to diagnosis persons that are getting assessed with mental health disorders. The manual contains criteria the clinician can use to diagnosis a client. If the client meets a certain number of markers then they are given a diagnosis of a particular disorder. But, what if it’s not that easy? For African Americans, there has been a history of getting misdiagnosis by clinicians which has led to some mistrust. The cultural differences between African Americans and their white clinicians can possibly lead to the misdiagnosis of the clients. An article on clinician race states, “African Americans are less likely to be diagnosed with mood disorders and more likely to be be diagnosed with schizophrenia” (Adebimpe, 1981; Neighbors, 1997). Within this review, we will explore research conducted by scholars that examine the relationships between the diagnoses of African Americans by White Clinicians.

Mistrust of White Clinicians by African Americans

Cultural mistrust of white mental health clinicians among African Americans with severe mental illness was conducted to determine the effects of cultural mistrust when African American patients with their white clinicians. The hypothesis tested was African American patients would have more of a negative feeling towards white clinicians that are providing care for them. According to this study they examined 154 African Americans that had been recently admitted into a psychiatric…
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