The Diagram Of The Poverty Cycle

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The diagram of the poverty cycle above, may seem a bit exaggerated, however, it illustrates the importance of working with children to end the poverty cycle. There are ways to help entire families, but I strongly believe that with 20% of children living in poverty we would see more efficient long term results helping children, as I am a strong believer in saying that the youth are the future. This diagram also expresses the vast importance of education and the effect that a lack of education has on the continuation of the poverty cycle.
On the other hand, is the poverty trap. Individuals are inevitably stuck in the trap without the ability to change the state of the ‘low’s’ illustrated in the diagram above. These diagrams go hand in hand in expressing the development of the poverty cycle or the poverty trap and the ever continuing cycle that they are. Utilizing two different ideas, these diagrams are able to communicate the same overall concept. The first one is more relatable to specifics of everyday life, while the second is more general. Ultimately a clear point is made in regards to the aspects of your life that keep you in the cycle.
In an attempt to combat this problem, from an early age, I would like to propose an incentive to do well in school, in communities that are generally exposed to food insecurity The incentives could range from small trinkets or candy for younger children, or an actual stipend for older students. There is already a program in place,…
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