The Diamond As Big As The Ritz

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“The Diamond as Big as the Ritz” sets off in Hades, a town somewhere along the Mississippi River, opening on John T. Unger as he is about to embark upon a journey full of surprises. Being from this small town for “generations”, John’s family seems to decide that John should have a decent chance at wealth, and end up sending him to a school in Boston. This is where things begin. As John and the reader meet Percy Washington, not much can be deduced from the description of his actions; however, it is soon discovered that he is the symbol of the ‘rich kid’ who never wanted to disappoint his father, so does whatever he says, without question. Riding a train into the unknown “West”, Percy reveals this by bragging in a one-up competition with John (Fitzgerald 2). These simple words uttered by the young boy reveal a great deal about Percy’s upbringing and his overall desires, along with his fathers. Observing first, the story told to John upon his arrival at the estate in what turns out to be the Rocky Mountains in Montana (Fitzgerald 4), it is discovered that Percy was not all talk. Nevertheless, the story told by Braddock Washington reveals an ethically crimson-lit background of the property, complete with forced slavery and kidnapping, among other highly illegal actions. Metaphorically, the story provides access into the head of the richest man in the world. It seems to show how money is, quite literally, the root of all evil. For Percy’s ancestors, it meant kidnapping,
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