The Diamond Necklace, By Maupassant

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Social classes exists since the years. Some people born rich and their generation stays rich all the time, while other born poor and all their stays poor all the times. However, there are other people who move from one class to another. Sometimes this mutation depends on the individual effort. In the Diamond Necklace, Guy de Maupassant describe the life of Mathilde who born poor and was not happy with her situation. Since she was unable to switch her social class, she tried for all occasion to appear as rich women. In this short story, Maupassant shows in different ways why Mathilde should recognize and accept her social class and live in the level of her class. Maupassant thinks Mathilde should accept her social class because her honor does not depend to her social class. Also, she should accept her class because happiness does not depend on the materials things. Finally Mathilde should accept her social class to avoid the deterioration of her life. First of all, Mathilde should accept her social class because her honor does not depend on her social class but on her beauty and her intellectually capacity. People are not respected because they are rich or poor, the beauty of each person is determinant in how people will respect him. Especially for women in the Mathilde’s society “there was neither caste nor rank, for beauty, grace and charm take the place of family and birth” (Maupassant). Since Mathilde had a natural beauty, she should not care about her class. Her
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