The Diamonds by Ravi Landeck Essay

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Ravi Landeck Short Story Third Draft The Diamonds Deep in the Alps lies a small town called Clay. The sun was rising over a frosty blue mountain, and drops of dew dripped down from the leaves in the valley. Arthur awoke to find his bedroom filled with light. He went downstairs and drank a glass of water, not hungry enough for food. Arthur went outside into the chilly morning and started walking down the road. The road was lined with hundreds of huge alpine trees. A large flock of birds flew over Arthur’s head in the sky. “Arthur! Hey Arthur!” Arthur turned his head to see his two friends James and Derek . The three of them had been best friends for years. “Hey guys” Arthur said. James winked at him. “Guess who got lucky…show more content…
He was staring straight forward under a bush next to a rock. His eyes were gleaming and full of wonder. “What is it?” asked Derek. James and Derek ran down the hill to see what he was looking at. There next to the rock was a large leather bag. The morning dew glistened all over it. The three boys ran toward the bag. Arthur knelt down next to it and examined it, eyeing it curiously. The bag was sealed shut with tape. Derek drew his knife and handed it to Arthur. “Here”. James raised his eyebrows. Derek looked down, squinting his eyes and frowning. Arthur cut the seal with a fluid motion of the knife, and unzipped the bag. There it was. Hundreds of bright, polished diamonds, shining in the forest. “I’ll be damned!” James exclaimed. “It’s a miracle!” “Diamonds!” Arthur laughed and Derek jumped with joy. “Holy shit!” Derek said. “My God!” said Arthur. The three of them patted each other on the backs and shook hands, laughing. “This is amazing!” said Arthur. “Unbelievable!” said Derek. “How on earth did these get here?” James asked smiling. The diamonds were as big as golf balls, and some as small as grains of rice. Each one was clear and shimmering. “This is the loot of a world class thief!” Derek said and picked up the bag. Derek carried the bag on his shoulder, smiling proudly. “And now its ours!” “Were rich!” Arthur and James followed behind. Arthur ran forward and did a cartwheel. “This has to be worth millions. Just think how much

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