The Dianetic Movement : The Beginning Of The Dianetics Movement

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The beginnings of the Dianetics movement mainly focused on “Hubbard’s understanding of the human mind and the cause of suffering in this lifetime” (Urban 139), According to Hubbard, human minds have two main parts: the reactive mind, which records all pain and emotional trauma, and the analytical mind, which is thought of as a computer. Hubbard claims that “throughout life, individuals have negative experiences of pain and unconsciousness that become burned in the reactive mind in the form of what Hubbard called ‘engrams’ or negative memory traces, which cause us both physical and psychological problems” (Urban 139). Hubbard created a form of therapy called “auditing” to remove these engrams. Auditing involves “a trained counselor who works with an individual to help identify the painful memory traces or engrams that have been burned into the reactive mind. Through auditing, the individual can relive these experiences…and then clear them from the reactive mind” (Urban 139). After the engrams have been removed, “the individual experiences a state of optimal psychological, emotional, and physical well-being called ‘Clear’” (Urban 139). By going through auditing, the individual achieves freedom from painful memories. This practice was not free from criticism, and in the early 1950s, “practitioners of Dianetics were being scrutinized by the Food and Drug Administration and by various state medical boards because of their claims to physical as well as psychological healing”
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