The Diary Of A Young Girl By Anne Frank

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For my second book review I chose to read The Diary Of A Young Girl by Anne

Frank. This novel follows the life of a young Jewish girl named Anne Frank as she

struggles to survive in hiding during the Holocaust. It is composed of journal entries that

Anne herself actually wrote as a thirteen to fifteen year old girl in hiding. The book

begins when Anne’s parents give her a diary on her thirteenth birthday. Anne is excited

about the book and begins writing right away. She writes about everything that is going

on in her life such as school, her thoughts, boys and more. However, about a month

after she gets the diary Anne’s life changes forever.

The Frank family is a jewish family living in Poland during the Holocaust and

therefore lives in constant fear of the Nazi’s. After Anne’s sister, Margot, is called on to

report to the authorities, her family goes into hiding. If Margot had gone to the

authorities she would have most definitely been sent to a concentration camp and likely

have been killed since she was a girl. For this reason, the family moves into a small

area in Anne’s father’s office located behind a moving bookshelf.

The Franks live in this small area called the Secret Annex for two years. Another

family, the van Daan’s, live in the Secret Annex as well, and eventually an elderly dentist

named Mr. Dussel moves in as well. Being cramped up in this tiny area causes Anne to

become isolated from the outside world. She has to tip-toe…
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