The Diary Of A Young Girl By Anne Frank

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Humans don 't realize how much they appreciate something until they lose it. This is especially true when it comes to freedom. In the novel, Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, the main character, Anne Frank, and her family were prosecuted for being Jews during World War 2. Along with two other families, to save their lives, they took refuge in entering the Secret Annex to escape the barbaric prosecution by the Nazis. However, they paid a heavy price by sacrificing their freedoms. Their yearning for freedom affected their decisions and choices made in hiding. The emotional events and experiences illustrated in the novel highlight the human need for freedom and how it impacted their lives of those in the Annex. The writing reveals Anne Frank was greatly affected by the loss of freedom, and her need for freedom was evident. Anne was a normal teen; she had a mood swings, her arguments with her parents, her crushes, and most importantly, she had friends. Upon entering the Secret Annex, Anne was discouraged from communicating with her closest friends for fear of being caught by the Nazis. She lost the freedom to share about her feelings to the friends. Anne had to find other ways to discuss her feelings and found company with a boy named Peter. In the novel, it states, "How Margot and I have only recently gotten to know each other and yet still tell each other very little, since we 're always together. [Peter and I] talked about every imaginable thing, about trust,
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