The Diary Of A Young Girl By Anne Frank

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Alejandra Vazquez-Garcia
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Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank is the story of a Jewish girl and her family who hide away in the attic of Otto’s, Anne’s father, company during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. She received the diary when she was turned 13 years old and a month later one of her sisters is called to appear before authorities which will mean certainly that she’ll be sent to a concentration camp. The family then goes into hiding.
Her family stays with the van Daans and their son, Peter, soon after Mr. Dussel moves in as well. . Luckily her family is surrounded by books and a radio so Anne begins to develop a keen sense of politics. There comes a time when there’s a bit of romantic tension between Anne and Peter, since she was earlier in love with another Peter, she sometimes mixes them up. They soon develop a strong friendship due to their unfortunate circumstances. You can actually see that Anne made some corrections and added to some of her diary entries due to the hope that the war would end but that unfortunately never happens. The Annex is raided and their sent to concentration camps. The book doesn’t state this because it’s two days after her last diary entry that the Annex is raided. The only survivor is her father, Otto Frank.
This book is an accurate representation of what terrible conditions can do to a human. This book is an actual diary of a girl that had to go through…
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