The Diary Of A Young Girl

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Ann Frank was a significant German-Jewish diarist. She was known for writing diary while hiding in the attic for escaping from Nazi party’s catching. (Roosevelt) Therefore, Ann Frank’s family and another family hid in the “secret Annex” in seclusion which is isolated from the outside world at Amsterdam. They lived crowded, confronted hunger, and fed up with the life in living at the confined attic (back of the book). For the next difficult two years, Ann Frank kept on her diary and recorded what happen in the war those days and her real feeling. After world War Two, her father, Otto Frank, got Ann Fran’s diary from his friend which is discovered in the attic and he published the edited version which is called The Diary of a Young Girl in 1947. This book provides a real record of World War Two and also let historians can confirm the historical authenticity. The Diary of a Young Girl has become a meaningful and valuable document in history, in this paper will explore how did Ann Frank and her family keep their life in the attic? And what is the effect after her diary was published to the world after World War Two? In World War Two, (Roosevelt) the Chancellor of Germany, Adolf Hitler, proceeded to bring the republic to establish a totalitarian regime. All political parties but the Nazis were illegal. Hitler also implemented anti-Jewish program (272~273). This is a program to discriminate Jewish and made them dismissed from public company and civil service. Moreover, Hitler…
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