The Diary Of A Young Girl

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 “Can you tell me why people go to such lengths to hide their real selves?” (Frank 126). This question is asked by a young girl in her diary on January 22, 1944. This young girl was named Anne Frank, and she asked this question in regards to one putting up a façade in order to conceal their true self from the outside world. Because of her Jewish ethnicity, she was used to having to pretend she was something she was not in order to survive, but when she beings to feel herself putting up a fake front in front of her family and friends, she realizes she does not fully accept herself. In The Diary of a Young Girl, Anne realizes that she doesn 't fully know herself and has no real self-identity. She learns that this lack of self identity is driving her to only see her flaws and insecurities. Because of this view of herself, Anne lacks the acceptance of herself she needs in order to reveal her true self to the outside world. Because of Anne 's feelings, she decides it 's best to completely alienate herself from any other human being including her family. This struggle to understand and accept herself serves to greatly affect Anne 's time in the Secret Annex. In the pages to follow, this essay will first provide historical context about the Holocaust in Germany. This essay will then provide a brief summary of The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank. Finally, given the seclusion Anne lives in and the persecution she faces because of her social status, the idea of…
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