The Diary Of Anne Frank

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n the last line of the play The Diary of Anne Frank, Anne Frank has made the statement, "In spite of everything, I still believe people are really good at heart." During the Holocaust, Anne Frank had such a positive outlook on the situation she was in, despite all the hardships the Franks and Van Daans encountered during their time in hiding. How could a young lady of fourteen years think of such an empowering statement? In fact, what was Anne feeling during this time of great terror and tragedy? Only Anne knows the answer to this question, yet people still try to guess her feeling towards the Holocaust. Did the Holocaust change Anne Frank 's entire outlook on life and the world? Through all of this, Anne Frank still forgave all of the…show more content…
Sometimes, the Nazis would even kill Jews out of the streets. For this reason, many Jews went into hiding like the Frank family did. When the Franks first went into hiding, Anne didn 't even know what was going on. She thought that going into hiding was just going to be another fun adventure. As time passed though, Anne started to realize what was really going on. She later realized how serious the situation they were in was, and how it was a matter of life and death. Going into hiding meant that the Frank family was going to be confined in the secret annex for a long period of time until the war ended. From Monday July 6, 1942 the Frank family goes into hiding. The hiding place is not quite ready yet at that time. Everywhere there are still things in boxes. The people in hiding immediately go to work to make curtains so the neighbors can not see them from outside. The Van Daan family arrive at the Secret Annex a week later. Anne is happy because there are now more people to talk to. The Van Daan family live on the third floor. During the day Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan bedroom functions as the common living and dining room. Next door is Peter van Daan tiny room. Anne writes about it: "...very small, very dark and damp." In Peter 's room, the people in hiding can reach the attic, where the food supplies are stored. Anne and Peter often go to the attic

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