The Diary Of Anne Frank

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The Anne Frank Unit shows us that people are brave and strong in a time of danger. During the Holocaust millions of people died mostly Jews from Hitler 's reign. Many non-Jewish people helped hide some of their Jewish friends and neighbors from the Nazis like Mr.Kraler and Miep helped the Franks, Van Daans, and Mr.Dussel in the play The Diary of Anne Frank. The protectors and people in hiding were both strong and brave. First, in the play The Diary of Anne Frank Mr.Kraler, Miep, and Mr. Frank show bravery and strength. Mr.Kraler and Miep show bravery because when Mr.Kraler says, “This isn’t the black market, Mrs. Frank. This is what we call the white market… helping all of the hundreds and hundreds who are hiding out in Amsterdam… I must go. I must be out of here and downstairs in the office before the workmen get here. [He starts for the stairs leading out.] Miep or I, or both of us, will be up each day to bring you food and news and find out what your needs are. Tomorrow I’ll get you a better bolt for the door at the foot of the stairs. It needs a bolt that you can throw yourself and open only at our signal.” This shows the theme of people are strong and brave during a time of danger because Mr. Kraler and Miep are risking their lives by protecting all of the Jewish people which is very brave especially during Hitler 's reign. They are hiding people to protect them from the Nazis who worked for Hitler. They could have been perfectly safe by not hiding these people which…

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