The Diary Of Anne Frank

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Holocaust is historical event that people must remember. As a student of the University of California Irvine and a member of the ASUCI Cultural Committee, it is one of my obligation to determine the cultural event that is most appropriate for Holocaust Remembrance Day this coming spring. I think that the play of Francis Goodrich and Albert Hackett 's The Diary of Anne Frank is the most appropriate for it and should be produced at UCI for two strong reasons.

The play of the Diary of Anne Frank should be produced at UCI since it best symbolizes Nazi crimes against the Jews. This play gives a human face to the suffering that the Nazis caused. The Diary of Anne Frank can show how Nazi restricted one 's personal life. "I only know it 's funny never to be able to go outdoors...never to breathe fresh air...never to run and shout and jump. It 's the silence in the nights that frightens me most."(Anne Frank, 27), Jews cannot live the very ordinary daily life that everybody enjoys. "I dreamed that they came to get us! The Green Police! They broke down the door and grabbed me and started to drag me out the way they did Jopie."(Anne Frank, 80) Little young girl had a nightmare frequently. When you watch this play, you can see how Nazi constrain this young girl. It was not a normal life exactly. I think these kind of suppression is as same as a new kind of murder. In addition, by this play we can understand how people under Nazi reign became dehumanized. For example, Mrs. Frank and…

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