The Diary Of Elizabeth Drinker 's Diary

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Elizabeth Drinker’s diary clearly reflects the pronounced differences between the life of a female and the life of a male in the eighteenth century. The life of Drinker is closely aligned with the life of a typical woman during that period. Due to Drinker being a member of the upper class, she had even more responsibility to conform to the stereotypical gender roles of her time. Drinker was well aware of her standing within society and she knew how to live in the fashion her upbringing and class demanded. As a female, Drinker’s life revolved around her family, and she was content to live within the socially constructed restrictions made for women. The diary begins by introducing a young Elizabeth Sandwith. She was an accomplished young woman and a productive member of society. Sandwith lived the traditional life of a young Quaker woman, which included attending Quaker meetings, socializing, and doing needlework.
She was far more active as a young woman than later on when she got married and lived a much more settled lifestyle. Sandwith played the role of a proper young woman in society immaculately. Next, when she married Henry Drinker and her role changed to wife, she played the role of wife just as perfectly. Then, when Elizabeth’s role changed to mother, and later grandmother, she did just as outstanding in those roles as she did in all the other female roles she took on throughout her life. Drinker was a model young woman, wife, mother, and grandmother. Eighteenth…
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