The Diary of Anne Frank

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For her birthday she receives from her father a Autograph book Bound with white and red checkered cloth With a small lock.This autograph book is what will become her very well known Diary.Anne started writing in her diary almost as soon as she got it.One of the first things she writes about in her diary is about the changes that have taken place in the Netherlands since the German occupation.On June 20th of 1942 she listed all of the restrictions on the Jewish population. Not to long later Margot Frank got a notice from the Jewish emigration on July 1942 ordering her to go to A work camp so Otto Frank decides that him along with his family was going to go into hiding.Otto frank makes all the preparation for them to go into hiding along the Amsterdam canals and in which prim will have his most trusted employees would help them While in hiding.

the annex
The annex is located at in Amsterdam above a factory.The secret annex door was hidden behind a bookcase.The secret annex was three stories. The first story is Two small rooms with a joining bathroom.The second level consisted of a large open room with a smaller room aside of it. In the smaller room was a ladder that led to the third story, The third story was the attic.

life in hiding
Anne Frank and her family moved into the secret annex on the sixth of July in 1942.The franks left there house with…

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