The Diary of an Anne Frank Essay

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The Diary of an Anne Frank

The events recounted in Anne Frank’s Diary took place during World War 11. By 1933, the strongest party in Germany had gained ultimate power with Hitler under their command. Hitler was Germany’s dictator who spread his gospel of racial hatred through politics. While poverty and unemployment were at an all time high he launched a campaign of anti-Semitism. Hitler’s main target was the Jews, claiming that they were “racially inferior.” He developed an idea of a Master Aryan Race, the need to rid Germany of “inferior people”, such as Jews and Gypsies, and the need to expand Germany’s borders. In doing this, he caused many Jews to abandoned their homes and go into total isolation. The Frank family
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The only thing she had to do was study and write in her diary. She never goes outside and always has to worry about if their ever going to be discovered and killed. The Frank Family wasn’t the only ones that went into hiding in the “Secret Annexe”, also the Van Daans and Mr. Dussel, making a total number of eight. Their survival in the “Secret Annexe” was dependent on their helpers who brought them food, news from the outside, and books.

The first part of the diary starts with her being a regular girl having fun and turns into a girl going into hiding with seven other people. In addition, she has to deal with relation problems with her mom, sister, and the people she is in hiding with. The problems begin when eight people are confined in a small area and everybody begins to irritate and annoy one another. Anne was especially concerned with herself and with her attitude towards the others in the group. She's mainly concerned with her mother who always treats her like baby. Mr. Frank tires to ease the quarrels between them by telling Anne to help out more around the house, but Anne stubbornly declines preferring to concentrate more on her studies. She especially gets plenty of confrontations with Mrs. Van Daan who thinks she is a spoiled little girl. Mrs. Van Daan constantly tells Anne’s father, “ If Anne were my daughter.” Anne’s respond to this in her diary was, “Thank heavens I’m not!” Of course

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