The Dichotomy Of Emotional Decision Vs Logical Decision

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The dichotomy of emotional decision vs logical decision making often divides people regarding which process is most effective in situations dealing with moral conflict and love. Typically, people tend to prefer one over the other and are under the influence that in this type of situation, one must choose between logic and emotion to create the best results. However, the most effective decisions involve both the head and the heart as using both logic and emotion leads to a well-rounded thinking morally and less mistakes in love.
Physiologically speaking, the brain is divided into two parts, the reptilian brain and the limbic brain. The reptilian brain is in charge of logical decision making and it is what keeps people alive by providing
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Logic checks over emotion because emotion without logic is blind (1). For instance, studies conducted by the University of Dublin show that when people are asked about why they feel a certain way in specific moral issues, people are often dumbfounded and they cannot explain the reasoning under their moral judgement other than the fact that it feels right (3). This feeling can be a result of societal norms that have conditioned a population to feel a certain way through validation and invalidation in one’s community. Conditioning such as this can lead to hate crimes and discrimination. One such example is the concept of homophobia in a society. Homophobia is a result of psychological conditioning through religion and social norms that homosexuality is immoral when in actuality it does not harm people that it does not involve. However, logically speaking, homophobia is immoral since it dehumanizes those who are not straight through invalidation and persecution. Therefore, even though homophobia checks out emotionally through social conditioning, it does not check out logically.
Conversely, the alternative view to making decisions depending on whether it feels right or wrong is to evaluate situations and find solutions using a set of principles that would lead to the best consequences. However, one issue with this form of thought is that

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