The Dichotomy Of Liberal Bigotry: The New York Times

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The trumped up sorrow over Fidel Castro’s death was turned into a Greek tragedy by the mainstream media proving once again that simple amusement can be found practically anywhere. Provided you didn’t know any better – and plenty seem not to – you’d think one of the planet’s great humanitarians had departed for the heavens.

Rather, the entire ordeal presented itself as just another dichotomy of liberal bigotry where Castro was at worst “controversial” and at best a “charismatic” leader who, in the haughty prose of The New York Times, “transformed Cuba,” while President-Elect Donald Trump is a just another in a longline of fascist tyrants.

Evil capitalism was run out over a half century ago leaving the country frozen in a time where the store shelves are notoriously barren and a full roll of toilet paper – a luxury.

Another of
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He lasted an inordinate amount of time for a guy who chased the mafia out of the country, while taking their casinos. Even Uncle Sam and all his might couldn’t evict the longtime Cuban dictator who outlasted nearly a quarter of the American presidency. When Castro realized he was not immortal like Louis Farrakhan believes he is, Castro handed over the reins to his brother Raul for safekeeping.

Castro’s half century run as Cuba’s first czar turned a once successful national economy into a shambles where everything is provided “free” by the government. The only problem is the government has nothing that isn’t already Castro’s personal fortune of one billion that in retrospect isn’t doing him much good now.

Despite Castro’s demise, there are still plenty of spoiled American children who inhabit academia and romanticize Marxist revolutionaries like Castro and his cohort, Che Guevara by sporting shirts and wall posters of the socialist duo of death and tyranny. I guess they couldn’t find any decent Chairman Mao or Josef Stalin gear
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