The Diet Constant Content Assignment

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Kill the Diet Constant Content Assignment (Article 1) The Truth about Going Gluten Free According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S. population is currently suffering from an obesity epidemic, and while there has been a significant push by Americans to get their weight under control, the success rate for people attempting to lose weight in a healthy manner is not nearly as high as the experts would like to see it. One of the most prevalent culprits that serve as an inhibitor to effective weight loss is the “fad diet.” There is no shortage of diet systems that claim miraculous weight loss results; however, the results are either short lived or never obtained. Why Most Diets Fail To understand why most diets fail, it is first important to clear up the semantics. For experts in the field of nutrition, the term “diet” simply means what food is consumed and how it is consumed. In this sense, everyone has a diet. When the term “diet” is used more in a colloquial sense, it becomes synonymous with the reduction in caloric intake by reducing the amount of food consumed in a day. The reason that the vast majority of diets don’t work is because they only engage one element of the weight loss process, — the reduction in calories. What most diets fail to do is engage the complex nature of how drastically reducing caloric intake impacts the body’s metabolic system. Simplistically speaking, drastically lowering the amount of calories that a person consumes
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