The Diet Of Vitamin D. D

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After a year on this diet I was informed by my doctor that while staying away from so many foods I damaged my vitamin intake. She told me that I had the lowest vitamin D that she had ever seen in her life. I was then prescribed pills of 80,000 mg of vitamin D to take for 8 weeks. I really disliked the pills because they were tough to swallow. This is when I ultimately decided to start adding some meats and dairies back to my diet. I now keep a diet consisting of 80 percent vegetables (most being consumed raw) and 20 percent meat. This has helped me gain much more strength and muscles without the excess body fat. I also since have decided to only focus on one job and my school work so that I main be able to maintain a more specified gym routine mixed with cardio and weight lifting sessions; in addition I have begun meditating and doing light yoga in order to free my mind from the constant stressed that come with school and work. I can say that most of my success in weight loss came from the hunger for knowledge on these subjects. I recall doing a lot of research on the human body and within the sport of bodybuilding to create a plan that works best for me. During the process of this research on exercise I have found many resources stating the importance of staying active. I was shocked to find how being inactive is as much of a health risk as smoking is, this is due to excess buildup of fat in the arteries. The lack of knowledge that the public has about deaths through
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