The Dietary Analysis Helped Me Become More Aware Of Me Current Health

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1. How did the Dietary Analysis affect your understanding of your current health? Did you identify any particular habits that may be increasing your risk for chronic diseases? The Dietary Analysis helped me become more aware of me current health. Because I am on the go most of the time, I find it very easy to pick up something fast to eat rather than making a full healthy meal. It was until things assignment that i noticed I eat a lot of more calories than I thought I did. I learned that I eat a lot of protein. Sometimes I eat protein bars because I think they are healthy. Before taking this class I never really payed attention to food labels. I am now a lot more alter while checking food labels. Before this class I would often just get frozen vegetables and then add them to my meals. I learned that refined foods lose all the nutrients. While doing this study, I noticed that I eat a lot more fast food than I should. The more red meat i eat the higher the risk for chronic diseases. The delicious double burger, chocolate cake, vallina shake, greasy fries are all foods that will increase the risk for chronic disease. I learned that I can inmpove my health by counting my calories. I have made changed in my eating habits to try to watch my calorie intakes.Due to this study I am now able to know what to look for in food labels. I now know that too much food containing more than 10% sodium or cholesterol are probably not the best option to chosse from. 2. Name at least 3
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