The Dietary Protein Intake Is Associated With Body Mass Index And Weight Up

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The purpose of this assignment is to analyze a scientific article that provided by the instructor. The article that will be analyzed is “Dietary protein intake is associated with body mass index and weight up to 5 y of age in a prospective cohort of twins”. The authors are Laura Pimpin, Susan Jebb, Laura Johnson, Jane Wardle, and Gina L Ambrosini. The research problem of the article related to the protein intake of kids during complementary feeding period and the overweight condition when they grow up. Many studies showed that the rich amount of protein in formula milk is associated with childhood weight gain. Moreover, when children started eating solid foods, it increased their chances of protein intake. Therefore, authors studied the relationship between the children’s diet and obese problem. The hypothesis of the study is “We investigated whether a higher proportion of protein intake from energy beyond weaning is associated with greater weight gain, higher body mass index (BMI), and risk of overweight or obesity in children up to 5 y of age” (Pimpin et al., p.1). The study population of the study is twins that aged at 8 months old in average. There are 2402 participants in the study (Pimpin et al.). There were no specific exclusion criteria. The study design is observational study. The participants were asked to provide the required information at particular of time. After the analysis, authors were able to determine the result. During the study, there were no…

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