The Difference Between A Entrepreneur And A Manager Entrepreneur

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Entrepreneur Is Too Ambiguous By definition, an entrepreneur is a person who organizes and operates a business, taking on greater than normal financial risk to do so. Unfortunately, this definition does not take into consideration the difference between a founder entrepreneur and a manager entrepreneur. A founder entrepreneur has more effectual reasoning skills and organizes the business in its early stages while a manager entrepreneur has more causal reasoning skills and who operates a more mature business. Most successful entrepreneurs posses both causal and effectual reason skills. However founder entrepreneurs have more well developed effectual reasoning skills while manager entrepreneurs have more well developed causal reasoning skills. Founder entrepreneurs are leaders who focus on ideas, creating value, attracting followers based on their vision, and motivating their audience. Manager entrepreneurs, in contrast, are about planning and execution, counting and measuring value, and coordinating and controlling the efforts of others. Based on the list of attributes it becomes pretty clear why manager entrepreneurs are more appropriate for start-up ventures that require unrelated financial investors. That being said, the vast majority of start-ups don 't involve investments other than from the founder, his friends, and his family. These investments are made more to the person than the business idea. Therefore, in most cases, founder entrepreneurs start new business with
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