The Difference Between Adult And Adolescent Brains Essay

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The Difference Between Adult and Adolescent Brains
Lexi Neff
Caledonia- Mumford High School

When one compares the structure of the adult brain and the teenage brain, there will be several differences between the two. Adults have stronger connections from one nerve cell to another, and they all have essential communication skills. However, teenagers have more synapses and have weaker nerve connections. Also, their frontal lobes aren 't fully developed. This causes adolescence to have impulsive behavior and they typically do not recognize consequences in a situation. In the early twenties the brain becomes fully developed, so people are very good at making decision and they are able to think abstractly. There are many factors that contribute to the construction of the brain; some things help the brain develop normally, other things interrupt the process. There is a substantial amount of distinctions between the adult brain and the adolescent brain, and these includes behavioral and structural differences.

The teenage brain is still under construction and there are many things that distinguish it from the adult brain. There are physical factors that make the two in comparison so different. Also the behavior and the way teens and adults interact and think, makes their brains vary. In addition, there are some things that contribute either positively or negatively to the development to the teen brain, and it
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