The Difference Between Appearance And Reality

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Katrina Voorman December 15, 2014 Mrs. Norman Period 8 English III H Research Paper Many times, humans cannot-or choose not to-understand the difference between appearance and reality. For example, an actor or actress in a play dons a costume to portray a character. After doing so, the actor or actress play is no longer depicting themselves, but someone different altogether. Doing so alters the reality of whom they are in the performance and who they really are. Until they take off their costume, they are someone else entirely. In day to day life, many people hide negative emotions with a smile. A smile is the best guise against depressive emotions. It gives the impression that someone is okay, and that all is well. People assume that a smile means that someone is jovial, happy, or even in a neutral mood, when in reality, they are hiding how they really feel behind a mask. By doing so, people are able to conceal their true feelings and intentions. Shakespeare’s classic comedy, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, presents “a deep ironic contrast exists between manner and matter, between style and content, between the way people are behaving and what the words are actually saying.” (Rahn, “Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Sex, Satire and the Supernatural”, Throughout action in the play, many of the characters are unable to decipher the difference between appearances versus reality in numerous different cases. The disguises present in this classic
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