The Difference Between Being A Manager And A Leader

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Recently, I have been studying what it means to be a leader and the difference between being a manager and a leader. I have learned many things that I was not aware of previously. I thought of anyone in a management position to be a leader because of the simple fact that managers are usually the “leader” of other staff members. However, my newly acquired knowledge has taught me that not every manager is a leader. To be a leader, one must possess certain characteristics. If asked to write about a nursing leader before I had obtained this new knowledge, I would have undoubtedly chosen to write about my direct manager E.C. However, with the new ideas of what a “leader” actually is, only one person fit the criteria. His name is M.I. M.I is a…show more content…
During this time, he continued his education and earned a Master’s degree in public health. In 2007, he left the service and moved to Maryland. In Maryland, he obtained a job as a PRN nurse at Long Term Care Facility and within a month received a promotion to Unit Manager. The facility was a troubled facility that completely failed the yearly state survey. His unit was the only unit that performed well. Because of the survey, they terminated the Director of Nursing and they asked M.I to step in temporarily until they hired a replacement DON. During his interim position, the facility successfully passed a re-survey. Although M.I possessed little experience in long-term care, corporate felt that he would make a great leader for the company and offered the position full time. The following year, the facility received its best survey grades in company history. As described by M.I., good leadership requires a combination of important qualities. Most importantly, a leader should have great interpersonal skills. This is a skill necessary to motivate followers to commit and give their best effort to contribute to the overall goal. In most cases, M.I. uses a democratic style of leadership because it tends to promote communication in the workplace. Decision-making occurs in a group style and includes all interested parties whenever possible. However, because he is a leader, he knows when it is necessary for him to step in and demonstrate authority
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