The Difference Between Bisimulation And Forced Simulation

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Literature Review: The difference between Bisimulation and Forced Simulation Haowei Zheng 1. INTRODUCTION
Currently, component reuse techniques have become more and more important for handling the rapidly increasing complexities of component based embedded system. Bisimulation is a well-known technique which has been proposed in the very early stage of simulation development. It provides the functionality of checking for process equivalent in process algebras. Many applications have been developed by using this technique. However, there are still some issues regarding using bisimulation technique. One specific issue is component matching problem. To better resolve this problem, a new technique which is called forced simulation is proposed and developed. In this article, we will carry out a literature review to discover the difference between forced simulation technique and bisimulation technique.
In the following sections, first of all the component matching problem will be explained more detailed. Then the definition of bisimulation and forced simulation will be shown. After that, an example of these two different techniques will be shown for comparing the difference between them.

In component based embedded system, component reuse methodologies has been an important focus of industry since the complexities of modern embedded system are increasing rapidly. However, there are several unresolved issues in this
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