The Difference Between Emotion and Reason

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Emotion is an internal decision. It is one's mind, sometimes consciously and sometimes subconsciously, balancing, integrating and juggling various different, and often conflicting, facts, experiences and concepts. It is a subjective, psychological experience, correlated with a group of physiological reactions arising in response to some situation. It is often held that one can have no emotional self-control, that an emotion cannot be consciously willed to occur at any particular time, that emotions are in no way influenced by what one thinks and learns, but accounts differ as to the extent to which one can learn and train oneself or be trained over time to intentionally influence emotions. (Jakub, 2001) In an experience of emotion there…show more content…
The question is: are people to look to their emotional or rational side in determining what to act upon? The obvious answer is – reason. Where with reason, the answers are clear, emotions often cloud judgment. In a rational society, people know their place and their duty. For instance, a garbage collector may not enjoy the work he/she does, but knows that it is a vital task in society. Reason allows people live better lives through the development of technology, creating more comfortable and functioning lifestyles, and even to realize our personal human potential. If everyone were to use reason, people would know enough to be able to put the most rational people in the government (unlike the current setup), and no one would disagree (being rational people themselves).(Markus, 1991) “The big problem with information technology is that it tries so hard to be rational. By contrast, humans are happy to be rational only a part of the time. Most other time (apart from the fact that they sleep so much) people operate in very different modes: of daydreaming and pondering; of joy and melancholy; of hope and despair…”(Jakub, 2001) Every new achievement consequent of Man’s enormous curiosity about the World he lives in, was, is, and will always be difficult to understand by the majority of us. History proves it, and Galilee died because of it. But, if history proves what was just said, it also proves that Man’s posture towards the World was always
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